Virtual VS Hybrid Events – what will be the best solution for future events?

Whilst we realise that virtual or hybrid meetings can never truly replace face to face engagement, there is no reason that with high-quality conference solutions bringing together virtual and cloud-based technologies we can replicate as far as possible, a realistic, live conference experience for the delegate – wherever they may be.

The market is flooded with virtual meeting solutions all varying in quality and cost. Companies planning for the short term may choose a virtual meetings platform and with everyone feeling separated this is a great way to stay connected in the interim.

COVID-19 isn’t going to disappear overnight and with the on-going lockdown, restrictions on travel, social distancing and health & safety considerations, companies who embrace hybrid events will be best placed to position their businesses and events for the future.

Why Hybrid?

1. Time & Cost-Effective

Hybrid events can be simple or complex depending on your event needs and therefore we can design to suit any budget. Significant savings will be met with travel, accommodation, and food & beverage. Costs to consider will include a marketing team, camera crew, virtual hosting equipment, technical director, and venue (possibly).

2. More Sustainable

Many businesses are rethinking their approach to gatherings and conferences, not just in light of COVID-19, but also with a view to use resources more efficiently and reduce environmental impact. The biggest impact will be reduced carbon emissions from travel.

3. Global Reach

The world is literally your oyster, with the ability to live stream or delegates can re-watch and share with their own social media platforms you can reach new audiences and not be confined to a specific number.

And we can add the physical touch…

We all know how important it is to design a dynamic and engaging event programme for our audiences, even under normal circumstances. It is now even more important to have a connection with your delegates that is tangible and they will also be appreciative. Our Meetings-in-box solution includes everything your delegate needs including the branded t-shirt, tea and biscuits, along with a host of tools and give-away all designed to your specification, even the ‘box’ can be branded.

We’d love to begin a conversation about how we can help you with ideas and solutions for ways to meet and interact with your clients or employees where they are, no matter where that may be.
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